Mobile Apps for 甲骨文SCM云

Augment core ERP capabilities with industry-best mobile 条码 and data collection using RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle® SCM Cloud.



Get More From Oracle® SCM Cloud

Extend and expand the power of Oracle® SCM Cloud with real-time, world-class transactions for your Oracle® ecosystem. Leverage built-in best practices for supply chain processes with enterprise mobility, 条码, and low-code mobile application development.

Oracle-Certified Integration Partner

Integration for Oracle Cloud Release 11 and above. RFgen is a Build and Hardware Partner.

移动条码 Technology

Mobilize inventory, manufacturing, field services and other supply chain activities to point-of-work.

Low-Code App Development

Pre-built mobile app templates with easy-to-use tools for rapid customization and deployment.

For additional information, download our Oracle Cloud Data Sheet:

The RFgen system is quicker and much more customizable. It enables us to be very effective, efficient and flexible.


Board Secretary and Controller, 蓝贝尔牛奶


Oracle-Certified Integration

RFgen Mobile Foundations for Oracle SCM’s standard integration is Oracle-certified for 库存管理 Release 11 and above. 立即博app下载 is an Oracle Build Partner and Hardware Partner with decades of Oracle integration experience.


Preserve existing processes when migrating from legacy ERP platforms. Gain the benefits of cloud without losing custom functionality.


Gain end-to-end material visibility and control for mobile inventory processes, from raw materials to finished product.

直观的UI / UX

Simplified forms focus mobile users on only the forms required to complete each task with maximum productivity and data quality.

Modernize Data Collection

Replace aging barcode technologies with secure state-of-the-art online/offline mobile data collection software and hardware.

Pre-written Mobile Apps for SCM Cloud

RFgen enhances the functionality of your existing SCM Cloud platform with suites of open-source mobile app templates for supply chain transactions, already tested and validated by Oracle. Built on mobile 条码 technology, RFgen enables secure real-time data exchange with Oracle using an easy codebase. Easily modify to fit your unique workflows.

  • 库存管理
  • 采购订单
  • 订单管理
  • 制造业
  • 质量
  • 固定资产 & 维护
  • 管理

Rapid Mobile App Development with Low Code

RFgen equips your team with ownership over your solution through the power of low code. RFgen Mobile Development Studio further augments your RFgen mobile solution with low-code mobile app development (MADP). Using visual pre-built logic blocks, 可以快速构建, customize and iterate native mobile apps using drag-n-drop functionality and an easy codebase.

Industry-Best 离线移动

Industry’s best off-network mobility and data collection solutions to keep operations running 365/24/7 with maximum security. Flexible options for dynamic online-offline data collection in the warehouse and in the field.

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